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Finavator's Master Class on the Ten Elements Influencing the Future of Finance 


In this meticulously crafted course, dive deep into the evolving landscape of financial services across three dynamic modules:

ūüĒć Module 1: Explore Fintech innovations reshaping engagement with technologies like BaaS, Embedded Finance, and Payments.

ūüĒí Module 2: Gain critical insights into security and trust in the digital age, covering Cybersecurity, Digital Identity, and Open Data.

ūüöÄ Module 3: Discover how Web3, Digital Currencies, and Blockchain are¬†enabling¬† aspects of future of finance.

Our Master Class includes:

‚ě° 6+ Hours of On-Demand Videos
‚ě° 3 Impactful Modules
‚ě° 10 Powerful Lectures
‚ě° 10 Expert Interviews from Global Leaders
‚ě° 10 One-Page Study Sheets
‚ě° 10 Test your knowledge Quizzes
‚ě° 10 Articles for Additional Insights
‚ě° 12 Months of Access to Our Online Masterclass

ūüĆü Quick Tip:¬†Check with your HR team to see if your education budget can cover this vital course!

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About Our Master Class

The financial industry is evolving rapidly, with technology-powered financial services disrupting the ecosystem.

To stay at the forefront of this transformation, professionals need to understand these trends and their implications, and learn how to leverage these new technologies effectively across their organizations.

Our Master Class equips professionals with a robust understanding of critical areas including:

  • Fintech
  • Prepaid¬†Technology
  • Embedded Finance¬†
  • Banking as a Service (BaaS)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Open Data
  • Digital Identity¬†
  • Web3
  • Digital Currencies
  • Blockchain¬†

Each session includes an on demand lecture, in depth presentation summary, interviews with global industry experts, one page study sheet, a quiz to test your knowledge and links to additional resources for added learning.

Master Class Key Benefits 


Develop an understanding of key trends and technologies.


Build skills to critically analyze the evolving ecosystem.

Global Insights 

Gain important insights on Global markets 

Earn Your Finavator Future of Finance Master Class Certificate of Completion 


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Master Class Outline


Module 1: Introduction and The Rise of Fintechs and Payment Innovation

Session 1: Fintechs Powering a Consumer First World

Session 2: Embedded Finance Enabling New Ways to Pay

Session 3: Prepaid is the Innovation Rail for Underbanked

Session 4: Banking as a Service (BaaS) Helping Business Innovation

Module 2: Technologies Fuelling The Future of Finance

Session 5: Importance of Open Data for Ecosystem Growth

Session 6: The Power of Digital Identity

Session 7: Cybersecurity and Why Everyone Should Care 

Module 3: Technologies Fueling the Future of Finance: Web3, Digital Currencies and Blockchain   

Session 8: Web3 is Changing the Way Consumers Interact with Brands 

Session 9: What is Digital Currency and Why it Matters 

Session 10: The Potential of Blockchain Technology

Master Class Pricing


Finavator's Master Class has an estimated value of over $2500 USD and we are offering for only $799 USD

(Including applicable taxes)


This online course includes

  • 6+ Hours of on Demand Videos
  • 3 Impactful Modules¬†
  • 10 Powerful Lectures¬†
  • 10 Expert Interviews from Global Leaders¬†
  • 10 One Page Summaries¬†
  • 10 Test Your Knowledge Quizzes
  • Links to Articles for Additional Insights¬†
  • Certificate of Completion¬†¬†

Finavator Offers a 14 Day Cancelation Policy 

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Who Should Register  



Learner profiles include: 

  • Professionals, Innovators, Executives, Leadership, Senior Management and Corporate Teams
  • Individuals wishing to switch careers or upskill¬†and anyone interested in enabling a better future for financial services
  • Students interested in learning more about the financial services industry and the trends shaping the future of finance¬†

Meet Finavator's CEO and Master Class Instructor 


Michelle Beyo


Michelle Beyo is the CEO and Founder of Finavator an award winning  payments and future of finance consultancy. Michelle brings 20+ years of expertise from across multiple industries including Payments, Loyalty, Telco, Digital Identity and Open Data. Her leadership has help drive innovation in both retail and payments sectors, fostering strategic growth for numerous North American companies.


She is recognized as a global thought leader as was as TedX speaker and has spoken on stages worldwide, includingMoney20/20,Fintech Meet Up and Open Banking Expo with a passion to igniting discussions on the future of finance. She is a Money20/20 RiseUp alumni and mentor as well as serves as an Advisory Board Member to Tillo Rewards as well as VoPay. She is a Board Member and the President at Open Banking Network Canada OFNC, championing for data rights, transparency and security in the financial landscape. She is also the creator and instructor for Finavator's Future of Finance Master Class 


Michelle was named one of the "Top 50 Women Leaders of Toronto" in 2023, as well as WXN CEDI (Canadian Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) 2022 Award Winner¬†and received¬†a spot on the "Women in Fintech Global Power List" in 2021. Michelle is also a contributing author to the USA best seller ‚ÄúHabits of Success‚ÄĚ by Leaders Press.¬†¬†

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